Shipping Advice

air cargo

Well the use of air cargo is often only used when ‘time critical’, production delays or ‘just in time’ purchases. However sometimes a small pallet or several cartons can be cheaper by air than using Ocean freight container services. Both on Import & Export, as the minimum charges by Shipping Lines, and forwarders often add up to treble or greater than the actual freight. Whilst with air cargo, you pay by the kilogram or volumetric kilo.

  • Far East Air Imports : Far East Air Imports often when delays in production make Importer turn to Air freight, they do not look for the better options, using prime carriers like China Airlines, British Airways Cathy Pacific. when a transit time of an extra Day or 2 will easily work and can save 30% on air transport costs. Example Emirates airlines, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines. Or even Gulf Air
  • Export services : We will often give you 3 options depending upon costs v Time scale. Sometimes dimensions of your cargo will restrict the routing and Force use of Cargo Aircraft only, which is expensive if ‘Upper Deck’ only