Shipping Advice

ocean freight

CONTAINER SERVICES; nearly all the worlds cargoes & shipping moves via Container vessels, these come in various sizes, mostly 20ft 40ft & 40ft (HQ)High Cube However there is room for ‘oversized cargo’ with a flat rack container, which Is basically container with no side walls or roof, this enable oversized cargo to Sailing on the popular Shipping lanes, however you will be charged the other Container lost as a result of ‘overhang’ this could be either side ( 3 slots) or if Height above 40ft HQ then ( 4slots or more)

Refer refrigerated containers, normally 40ft, but can obtain 20ft refers too. These are for foods stuffs and temperature sensitive cargo. We handle Ice cream to Australia & UAE, and Import seasonal food & drink from
Indian sub-continent.

  • Groupage Services : This is when you share a container with other shippers Containers, very often saving on costs, however do not allow overseas suppliers To sell you CIF or CFR as you can often be charged Document Fee up to GBP100 And UK Terminals at excessive rates GBP 40 per cube metre, making 10cbM GBP400 We offer a FOB to DOOR rate fully inclusive from all major Chinese Cities & Ports, and across USA & Canada, this also can apply to EXPORTS to DOOR or to Port to Port with large savings on ‘total cost of transit for both Selling & buyer’

We pride ourselves on being proactive and having a 'thinking ahead of the game' attitude. We can handle anything from LCL groupage to Full containers of 20/40/HQ to oversized cargo.

We always pre-plan your vessel schedules and delivies where possible to ensure you do not experience any delays and use only the best shipping lines and transit times in the market.

We have offices globally who liase with your agents and factories to ensure all communication is effortless.

We try to be green where we can as a company so we try to reduce carbon footprint by using rail freight container deliveries where possible.